You've got questions and I've got answers

Do you have a studio?

Where will my session be?

What should we wear?

What's the time frame on receiving images?

Do you travel?

Do you do prints? Canvases? Albums?

What happens after I contact you?

Do you have a blog?

Can we get every single unedited file that was taken at our session/wedding?

Can you reserve a date for me?

What if we have to cancel? Do we get our 50% back?

Okay, but what if we have to cancel because of the weather?

I have a question/questions that aren't answered here.

My style is very nature focused, so I do not have a brick - and -mortar studio space set up exclusively for my use. I prefer shooting outdoors in natural lighting.

Sessions will be something we plan together, and we can brainstorm locations depending on the look you're going for! I have a ton of suggestions to offer so no worries there. 

Nothing too matchy - matchy, but clothing should be coordinated. No clashing patterns, and I recommend no bright primaries. For photos that remain timeless, I always suggest neutral colors, no loud patterns, and simple yet "you" accessories. For her, it may be some bold earrings, and for him it may be some nifty socks or a cool belt. What matters most is that you feel comfortable, confident, and like yourself! 

For regular sessions, 2-3 weeks. For weddings and elopements, 4-6 weeks. 

Of course!! I love love love traveling and have been to almost every state in the US. Anything further than 60 miles (one way) driving distance from me is a charge, and for out of state you would need to cover the flight, hotel, and uber charges. I would be thrilled to travel as your photographer!

Yes! I use a professional photographers only lab that produces amazing quality prints, canvases, and albums that will last you a life time.

I'll get back to you within 24 business hours to discuss specifics, send a detailed pricing list, figure out what date works best/ check if I'm available, and answer any questions you may have.
After this I like to set up a phone call or skype/ facetime meeting to discuss things and to get to know each other better.

After our meeting, and once we settle on your package and date, I'll send over your online contract and invoice for 50% of your total cost. The contract must be signed and invoice paid before your date is officially reserved. 

At this time I do not have a blog for my couples and wedding photography, though it's something I'd like to expand on in the future! But don't worry, your pictures will be shared on my social media posts and stories :)

The raw, unedited images from your session/day are not available for viewing or purchase. Please trust me when I say you will receive the best pictures from your session. I've been sorting through client sessions for years, and I have high standards on what I'll put my name on. Basically anything blurry, out of focus, and blinking shots all get thrown out and since I don't edit to hit a certain amount of images, you'll see everything else that was up to par. I totally get why you're asking this question though, don't get me wrong. But I promise you're seeing everything worth while and I'm not holding back any amazing snaps of you guys!

I operate on a first come, first serve basis. Before your contract is signed and invoice is paid, no dates are held or guaranteed. This makes things fair for everyone and I hope you understand!

If you have to cancel after signing the contract and paying your invoice, no payment will be refunded. This is because of the time that has already been put into the session, I've blocked off your day and no one else was able to book, and costs have already arisen before your session/ wedding day. I always strive to make something else work out (re-schedule for another date, time, or location) so that everyone is happy.

This situation isn't fun for anyone, and I completely understand. I will guarantee a re-schedule on my end, and we will have the shoot on another day. However, if we have to re-schedule because of weather and you are unable to do any other date, your 50% will not be refunded. Thank you for understanding. 

No problem! Go ahead and shoot me an email, or fill out my form on this page here