LEt's talk about pricing

I get it, pricing can be a make or break. I always strive to be open and honest with my couples, pricing included. Before we get to numbers, let me say a few things first. 
With me, you're paying for more than some digital files. You're paying for a fun, easy, simple, and exciting experience with me that takes out all the guess work. I'm happy to talk locations, wardrobe, hair and make-up, whatever it is that will make you feel confident and at ease with your session. Not everyone is a natural in front of the lens, and I totally get that. My goal is to create images that you feel amazing in, images that are painless for you, and images that you'll cherish forever. 


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it's gotta be the perfect fit

Weddings are sooooo exciting and I'm always in awe of the masterpiece they become. A single day where everything comes together - venue, florals, wardrobe, family, your closest friends. We're there to help pull it all off! 

Every wedding is different, and every couple is different, so I offer flexible packages and state of the art customer service to find a solution that works best for you. 
With any package you can expect: help with day-of timeline, an online digital gallery, and professionally re-touched images.

starting at $1,499 + tax

your engagement

starting at $349 + tax

Being engaged is such a special and transformative period in your life. Let me help capture these beautiful moments that are sure to be gone all too soon. 

I'm always up for an adventure - whether it be to the town square, or a mountain hike I'm totally down. An engagement session is truly where you can let your quirkiness and passions shine, they can be anything you desire it to be (with my help of course!). I'd love to go somewhere stunning with you and capture the love you and your partner share. 

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running away?
take me with you!!

Elopements have my heart. Sometimes you want something simple. Maybe you just want to cut down on cost. Maybe you want an amazing, private ceremony in one of the most beautiful places in the world, and come back home to a massive party. Whatever it may be - I'll be right by your side. 

On the beach or that perfect lake or that stunning mountain top view, you'll want the pictures to capture every breathtaking moment. And I'm your gal! Elopements can be so unique and incredible, I can't wait to see what we create together.

starting at $599 + tax


starting at $349 + tax

There need not be some life milestone as an excuse for some amazing photos of you and your partner. There's anniversaries, holidays, birthdays, and "just because" sessions. 

What I love about simple couples sessions is that they can be more spontaneous and free. If both of our schedules are open, let's run after that sunset and capture your happiness. What are you waiting for?!


Photography is something very near and dear to my heart. I've been behind the lens for almost 10 years now! I actually did my first ever paid session as a sophomore in high school for a senior I was friends with. To this day I still adore those photos, and I've been offering my services ever since! 

So many things go into factoring a price - especially for photography. And I completely understand that not everyone fully knows what happens behind the scenes. When you choose a pro photographer, you're investing in experience, pro equipment, back-up equipment, problem solving skills, passion, pro software, education, backups - on - backups and so much more. 

I'm not trying to convince you - hopefully you already want stunning pictures of you and your S.O.! I only want to communicate what you're paying for when you choose me (or any other professional photographer for that matter) and why it's so important to invest in yourself and your memories. I have never had a client regret their session, and they often shed tears because they're so in love with the images.

In fact, I've had almost every client say they wish they had done this sooner, and they can't imagine moving forward without regular sessions yearly or for every major life event.