Hey! I'm Melissa.

Thanks so much for stopping by! My name is Melissa Petrie and I'm a photographer currently based in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas. I'm from South Africa and I grew up in sunny Florida. I've been behind the lens for 10 years now, picking up my first camera at age 12. Since then, I attained my BFA in Photography from the University of North Texas and my love of photography has become one I'll never be able to shake.

 I'm always chasing that sunlight, I'm a geek about gear, and I grew up in the passenger seat of a little 4 seater cherokee seeing the world from a whole different perspective. I can't wait to see what your adventure looks like.

I love: rock-climbing, lizards, black clothes, skincare and makeup, camping, road trips, the beach, thunderstorms, brownies, green tea, healthy eating, tech theatre and lighting design, plants, a home-cooked vegetarian meal, and traveling.

I dislike: being late (with a passion), bad drivers, my lips being chapped, carbonated drinks, selective coloring, and bananas. 

A few more things about me